The idea for the Serpenti collection comes from the metaphorical meaning of the snake in ancient civilisations, like the ‘serpent’ that tempted Eve to steal the forbidden fruit, thus the Serpenti collection exudes a sense of unrestrained seductive beauty. The hand-crafted design of the Serpenti is a perfect blend of the snake motif and Bulgari’s unique design style, beautifully crafted, luxurious yet natural and elegant, exuding an air of beauty and prestige.

The dials of the Bulgari Serpenti replica watches resemble the head of a snake, and the time scales inside the dials are brightly coloured and eye-catching. Some of them are embellished with beadwork on the outer rim of the dial, which somehow adds to the charm of the replica watches. Even the replica watches that are not adorned with beadwork on the outer bezel of the dial have a highly polished bezel that is no less charming. The straps resemble the body of a snake and are slender and textured to accentuate the femininity of the wrist.

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