PPF Factory

Patek Philippe Nautilus is not only extremely popular in authentic products, but also very popular in the imitation watch industry. Perhaps because the watchmaking process has begun to mature, more and more factories have begun to dabble in this watch. The fierce competition makes the PPF factory, which occupies the commanding heights of Nautilus replica watches, have a strong sense of crisis. The Patek Philippe Nautilus replica watch of the PPF factory has been upgraded and modified on the basis of the original version, and a new version has been launched. The upgrades are mainly focused on the movement and thickness of the core parts of the watch, both of which have always been difficulties that many replica watch factories need to overcome. The PPF factory carried out precise measurement and comparison of the original watch and opened the mold to achieve a high degree of restoration. In the era when all-in-one machines were popular, PF factory also canceled the splint movement, adopted 324 one-piece movement, and revised the shock absorber, which made the PF factory watch Nautilus more stable and made a qualitative leap. Friends who like it can start decisively.

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