M+ Factory

The M+ factory pursues innovative solutions and original technologies, and the re-enacted IWC Pilot Titanium series is a good representative of them. M+ factory has successfully developed Swiss Cal.35111 Movement by utilizing the technology and maturity of modifying movements for various foreign brand companies for many years. After long-term rigorous testing and improvement, both the accuracy of the travel time and the time-resistance of the power have reached the official level, so there is no doubt about the performance of the IWC pilot of the M+ factory replica watch. In terms of material selection, the hardness of titanium metal is not conducive to cutting smooth lines, while titanium alloy has the advantages of ultra-light, super hardness and corrosion resistance, which is more conducive to cutting into arc points, and it is also applied to the watch production of M+ factory. The IWC pilot series of the M+ factory has excellent appearance and workmanship, and the one-to-one movement has been modified, and the comparison with the genuine product has also reached a considerable height.

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