K11 Factory

The dial of the K11 replica watch tank is treated with silver plating, and the printing on the dial adopts domestic excellent production technology, with full scales, clear fonts, and very delicate workmanship. The clean and transparent sapphire mirror, the large two-pin design and the simple dial are very eye-catching. The sides are polished with high brightness. There are two stainless steel slotted screws on the left and right sides of the case respectively. The size of the screws is the same as that of the genuine product. The spinel gives people a deep feeling. The bottom cover and the case are tightly combined, and the waterproof performance is good. The high recognition and elegant style of the Cartier tank make it a model, and the K11 factory also makes high-quality K11 factory watches with its down-to-earth dedication. This is a boon for replica watch fans.

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