GR Factory

The GR factory strives to pursue the eye-catching and exquisite re-engraving goal. The literal color is the same as the original, the size and size are the same as the original, and the rounded corners of the 24-hour dial in the center are consistent with the original. The case body of the GR factory replica watch is polished and frosted. The octagonal bezel and the case line are rigid and soft, which are perfectly integrated and restore the highest craftsmanship. GR factory watches are independently developed according to the size of the genuine product. Wearing the same fitting effect as the genuine product, the sound of locking is the same as the genuine product, and the opening and closing angle of the dumpling chain is perfectly connected with the shell body, which has the upper hand in the market. The imported movement has good stability and achieves the same balance wheel direction as the genuine product.

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