The Heritage collection features a tonneau-shaped case. The designer has cleverly combined the fashionable style of the late 18th century with the shapely lines of the 21st century, the perfect curves of the replica watch case and the meticulous hand-engraved dial set off the exquisite beauty of the pitted bezel and the curves of the lugs.

The layering of the Breguet Heritage dial is distinct. A circular area is cut out of the barrel-shaped surface of the Heritage for functions, and a small second dial and a large date are cut out of the circular area. Different blocks on the dial adopt different machine-engraved patterns. In addition to machine-engraved, each block also has a three-dimensional level with extremely different drops. The circular time-division area is a dish-shaped depression in the barrel shape, and the small second dial is lower in the time zone, and the surface of the entire Breguet Heritage Replica watches have an exquisite three-dimensional performance under the light.

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