The Reine de Naples collection, an icon in the ladies’ watch industry, is inspired by the first known wristwatch in history. It was presented in 1812 to Caroline Murat, the elegant Queen of Naples, Napoleon’s sister. Whether set with precious stones or adorned with beads, each watch in the modern Reine de Naples collection contributes in a unique way to the femininity of the feminine, and the Reine de Naples replica watch is a perfect restoration of the elegance and sensuality of the original.

The oval-shaped dial is embellished with a circle of beadwork on the outer ring, and the Arabic numerals inside the dial are in a different font and size to the usual watches. A small circle separates the numerals from the hands to create a separate area, layering the watch with a playful and innovative element at the same time. The slim strap somehow accentuates the softness and elegance of a woman’s wrist. The Breguet Reine de Naples replica watch is one you should own.

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