The tourbillon originated from a strongly felt need in the 18th century to overcome the lack of precision caused by the vertical position of a pocket watch placed in a gentleman’s waistcoat or jacket. The two tourbillon mechanisms are like two mechanical hearts operating independently of each other, driven by their own barrels. The use of the tourbillon is one of the greatest challenges in replica watches. On the replica watches factory website, you can buy a Tradition replica watch that has been exquisitely crafted and we are waiting for you to unlock it.

The most striking decoration on the case is the coin-edge fluting on the strap, which adds to the visual and tactile experience of the watch. The dial is held in place by three screws and features traditional Roman numerals and open hands. The fully skeletonised design of the sapphire crystal back and the alligator leather strap are every bit the right design. Breguet’s Tradition replica watches are insensitive to the effects of magnetic fields and the timepieces are timed with high precision. The power reserve capacity is also better.

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