In 1783, the Mengelfi brothers were inspired by the scraps of paper rising from the fireplace to create a hot air balloon, “man’s first flying machine”. This huge, bulbous balloon, as blue as the sky, represents man’s dream and attempt to fly, and was the inspiration for Cartier’s popular “Blue Balloon” collection in 2007. Cartier replica watches focus on the romantic elements of the sky, flight and dreams, and are designed with care, versatile and comfortable to wear. By purchasing a replica watches factory Ballon Bleu, you can immediately bring home both romance and practicality.

The Cartier Ballon Bleu is unisex in style, with a smooth and curved bezel and a slightly bulging crystal, making the whole watch carry its own sense of shine and jeweled air. A hint of blue, only on the hands and crown, is very discreet and restrained. And the seemingly rounded bridges, plus a blue cabochon synthetic spinel, resemble a rising miniature hot air balloon. The dial of the Cartier Ballon Bleu replica watch is a detailed affair, with a silvered lacquered guilloché dial with a sunburst effect that is ornate but not elaborate. The blue sword-shaped hands are as sharp as a sheathed sword.

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