Replica Konstantin Chaykin Watches

Konstantin Chaykin Replica Watches breaks through the technical difficulty of adjusting the moon phase with the head on the left, and synchronizes with the original true moon phase function. On the basis of the original mold, while drawing on the shortcomings of other copies in the market, from the shell shape to the full function development, the development is carried out on the basic core just like the original. But the function is consistent, and the movement is stable, it stands out from all kinds of copies, and is comparable to the original in one step.

The dial of the Konstantin-Chaykin replica watch is the face of a clown with an ever-changing expression. The twinkling eyes, the crazy face and the spitting red tongue catch the eye quickly. The clown uses two symmetrical hour and minute discs at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock to make the two large eyes of the clown. The hour and minute hands, replaced by black dots, have mischievous little black eyes that turn with the time. The case is smoothly polished and the lugs are ergonomically designed, curving backwards to give a very natural curve. While connecting the case to the strap, they also serve to adjust the proportions of the case and ensure a comfortable fit.

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