BL Factory

The BL factory is mainly involved in the opening of the Rolex Daytona, and the most eye-catching is the rainbow Daytona of the BL factory, which is an unpopular watch. The first impression of the Rainbow Daytona from the BL factory is that it is luxurious and high-end, which endows it with a unique sense of fashion. The BL factory is also very good at the details of the Rainbow Daytona. In terms of material, the BL factory still uses fine steel design and high-density gold-plated treatment technology, which can largely prevent color wear. On the mirror, the BL factory uses a sapphire mirror with good transparency, which can read the time well like the wearer. In addition, on the dial, the left and right eye chronograph dials can be operated through the right handle, and an anti-counterfeit mark is also set at the six o’clock position. Friends who like BL factory watches can start boldly.

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