GF Factory

As we all know, the GF factory was originally known for making Breitling replica watches. GF factory is struggling to enrich its product line and improve watch technology, which makes it occupy a place in the industry. The overall polishing treatment of GF factory watches is delicate and full of luster. Blue-coated crystal glass mirror, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. The one-way rotating bezel adopts a polishing process, and the feel and strength are deeply restored to the original version. The printing font and brightness of the dial are remarkable, and the three-dimensional hour markers and hands coated with luminous paint are bright in color without burrs, which ensures the luminous ability of the overall GF factory replica watch. The radian and line details of the case are fully processed, and the workmanship is regular, and the time can be easily adjusted. Even on the plywood of the movement, GF factory also took great pains to outline the lines on the back of the watch delicately, with a high degree of simulation.

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