KY Factory

KY factory is a relatively powerful replica watch manufacturer. At present, there are quite a lot of Longines styles involved, such as Longines Master, Concas, Longines Magnificent and so on. The mirror of the Longines master craftsman in KY factory is made of the same sapphire glass mirror as the original one, which has excellent shock resistance and pressure resistance. The watch mirror is transparent and clearly visible. The mirror surface has a special anti-glare treatment, which is very convenient to read the time. The overall color matching of the dial is brilliant, the simple and generous three-needle design, the center axis of the pointer is processed just right, and no flaws can be seen. The Arabic second hand readings are also printed on the outer edge of the dial, the handwriting is clearly visible, and the font printing is very correct. The screw-in crown is decorated with a circle of gear patterns around the crown, and the engraved lines are delicate and full, making it more convenient to adjust the time. The size of the head is the same as that of the original product, polished smoothly, and the edges and corners are handled neatly, with a strong three-dimensional effect. The famous Longines craftsman of KY factory is paired with a 316L stainless steel bracelet, which is very well polished overall, feels smooth and does not scratch hands, and has a super high degree of restoration of craftsmanship. The KY factory perfectly restores the original product one to one. The pre-sales and after-sales services of KY factory watches are also first-class, and those who like watches can go boldly.

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