VR Factory

The VR factory is a watch factory that was newly listed at the end of 2017. It mainly promotes the replica production of well-known brands such as Rolex. The VR factory has successively released replica watches such as the Rolex Gold-plated Black Water Ghost, the Rolex Green Water Ghost, and the 18k Gold Rolex Submariner Gold Series. The drawing part of the 18K gold Rolex Submariner strap of the VR factory replica watch adopts the same water mill drawing technology as the genuine product, and the thickness of the drawing line is consistent with the genuine product, perfectly restoring the high-quality workmanship and details of Rolex. Part of the gold part is made of yellow platinum composite material, and VR factory is the only manufacturer that uses yellow platinum material for the gold part at this stage, which truly restores the original production process, and also has the effect of corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Generally speaking, choosing a VR factory watch is a good choice for consumers with golden rolex plots.

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