XF Factory

The owner of XF manufactures Panerai, TAG Heuer and other brands, and has developed its own series of movements. The position of the balance wheel is synchronized with the genuine product, and even the way of adjusting the time has been synchronized. XF factory has always followed the road of retro video or sentimental road in the later stage of the style of production, which is one of the reasons why it stands still. The XF factory replica watch is classic and timeless, simple and pure. The stability of the movement has been enhanced after the upgrade. There is no color difference between the disc surface and the original one, and the pointer has super luminous light, which is very cost-effective. Consistent with the original, the cowhide strap is used, and the size and appearance of the buckle are reproduced one-to-one. The overall wearing is comfortable and atmospheric. If you like Panerai, but don’t want to be too high-profile, it can be said that it is a wise move to start XF factory watch Panerai.

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