YL Factory

At present, there are mainly three factories of ZF factory, YL factory and AZ factory on the market producing IWC, and their workmanship and material selection have their own advantages. YL Factory has a sincere attitude towards re-engraving, has high requirements on the movement, and is close to genuine products in terms of movement details. The Swiss ETA52850 automatic movement used has a good power reserve performance. The calendar of the watch does not need to be adjusted manually during daily use, it can automatically adjust, which is convenient. The case processing is well, the longitudinal drawing process on the side is consistent with the genuine product, it is very textured and also has the ability to resist scratches. The lug part is an integrated lug, which continues the consistent workmanship of IWC. YL factory watches are suitable for consumers who pursue cost-effective high-end replica watches.

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